The 2022 VRYSA Board


 James Tripp

Vice-Chairperson  Nick Ellis
Secretary  OPEN
Treasurer  John Dimmick
Concessions Coordinator  Nick Ellis
Division Coordinator Coed 2017  Tom Novak
Division Coordinator Coed 2016  Emily Dabek
Division Coordinator Coed 2015  Mike Cirillo
Division Coordinator Boys 2013-2014  Amar Bhandari
Division Coordinator Boys 2011-2012 Brian Foy
Division Coordinator Girls 2013-2014  Corey Gould
Division Coordinator Girls 2011-2012  Nick Ellis
Division Coordinator Coed 2008-2010  James Tripp
Equipment  Tara Riesbeck 
Field  OPEN
Fundraising  OPEN
Photos Coordinator  OPEN
Registrar/Scheduler  Victor Lourenco
Sponsors Coordinator  Cate Berger
Uniforms Coordinator  OPEN


The VRYSA Board of Directors are nominated and elected by a general vote in the November time frame.  These offices are held for a period of twelve months. VRYSA holds a monthly meeting, normally, on every last Wednesday of the month at 7:30 PM in the Vestal Library.

Mailing Address:
PO Box 1132
Vestal, New York